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Neuropsychological Assessment with a human touch

Neuropsychological Assessment with a human touch

Neuropsychological Assessment with a human touchNeuropsychological Assessment with a human touch

What To Expect

Once you’ve scheduled a neuropsychological assessment, here’s what you can expect before, during, and after the assessment.

Before An Assessment

Before I get to your home on the day of the assessment, make sure the person is well rested and has had a good meal.

I appreciate any and all information you can give me about the person’s medical history on the day of the assessment.  Typical medical histories include major illnesses and injuries, as well as current medical conditions such as high cholesterol and blood pressure. A list of the person’s current medications is needed, and any recent changes in health status. 

During An Assessment

I start every assessment by getting to know the patient and family. My goal is for the person being tested to feel relaxed and comfortable. Because of the nature of the reason for testing, please have a family member available to give additional background information. 

After the initial discussion, testing is typically completed alone with the patient. It includes a series of questions, word games, number exercises and drawings. Overall, an assessment can take from a couple to several hours from start to finish. I’ll never take shortcuts, and I always make sure I block extra time so neither of us feels rushed.

After An Assessment

You’ll receive a detailed written report within 5 working days, but usually sooner. My goal is to get the report to you as quickly as possible.